Past Sermons

Oct 1, Rev. Sue Browning, “What is Worthy of Our Bravery?” 

In his book The Philosophy and Mythology of Harry Potter author Patrick McCauley reminds us of a core lesson from the Harry Potter series: “The decision to approach and confront that which scares us is not a thought, it is an act.”  Being brave is hard. What is worthy of our bravery? When should we act in … Continued

Oct 15, Rev. Sue Browning, “Being in Two Places at Once.” 

If only we could be two places at once. Just imagine being able to accept two invitations. Strictly speaking, it’s impossible to be in two distinct places in the same moment, or is it? As Unitarian Universalists we’re challenged to a free and responsible search for truth and meaning, and to hold that our own … Continued

April 30, Rev. James Van de Wal, “When Belief Meets Reality.”

This talk will explore ways of fostering our faith and our belief when those beliefs are sometimes confronted by the reality of life. Is your experience challenging your theology? Rev. Van de Wal is an independent Interfaith Minister. He graduated in 2010 from the New Seminary for Interfaith Studies in New York City. He currently … Continued

May 7, Mike Harris, “Envisioning Our UU Future.” 

This talk will be a timely forerunner of our Annual Meeting and potential changes in ministry and growth in our beloved community. Mike, a longtime UU, has been active and Chair of the Boards of Cedar Lane Unitarian Church in Bethesda and the Joseph Priestly District (now Central East Region). He has been a trainer for … Continued

May 14, Beth Ohlsson, Mother’s Day/Flower Communion. Special music by Sue Matthews.

Beth Ohlsson, MA, is a storyteller, a veteran teacher, an addictions counselor, and  a person in long term recovery. She works with vulnerable populations in MD detention centers and prisons using storytelling as a vehicle for recovery, healing, and instilling hope. Currently, she is the Executive Director of the Recovery Resource Center (formerly the Salisbury … Continued

April 16, Easter “Generational” Service! “Add the Alleluias!”

At its core, Easter is about miracles and the renewal of life. Whether you find your miracles in a resurrected savior, the birth of a new baby, the unfolding of a flower following a long winter, or even an oversized bunny delivering baskets of eggs and candy, Easter holds the joyful message of promise and … Continued

April 23, Green Sanctuary. Ms. Kim Agee, “Ecological Sustainability.” Special music by Meredith Hadaway and Rebekah Hardy Hock

Sustainability. What is it? What is it not? Ecology studies the interactions between living organisms and their environment. As we recognize in our seventh principle, all life is interconnected and deserving of respect and dignity. How can we best live into this principal, how successful are we already and what shifts in thinking would help … Continued

May 28, Rev. Dave Hunter, “Grandparents Respond to Impertinent Questions.”

Rev. Hunter will share letters that his grandparents might have written to him (but did not), in response to questions he might have asked them (but did not). Rev. Dave and his wife, the Rev. Kerry Mueller, are the co-consulting ministers for the Unitarian Universalists of Gettysburg. They will retire at the end of June.