Apr 14, Rev. Sue Browning, “Unitarian Universalists and the Cross.”

Symbols are powerful. From what we wear, to what we display, symbols shortcut our communications with one another. At this service with Rev. Sue Browning together we’ll ask, ‘When we see the cross of Christianity displayed, what comes to mind?’ and we will consider ways some Unitarian Universalists understand the cross.

Apr 7, Rev. Sue Browning, “Claiming Pride.” Special music by harpist Meredith Hadaway

When a child returns home after facing a challenge, we might say, “I’m proud of you.” We foster a child’s sense of pride in who they are and affirm their sense of power in the world. At this service Rev. Sue Browning will explore the ways we learn to take pride in our full identities and how we are a blessing to one another when we encourage each other to do the same. Special music by harpist Meredith Hadaway

Mar 31, Rev. John Ames, “Ruth – The Handmaiden of the Lord.”

Rev. John Ames will explore the Old Testament story of Ruth. Her journey from her own country to Israel is a testimony in favor of inclusivism in ancient Israel as opposed to the exclusive theology that tended to prevail. Ruth, a foreign, non-Jewish woman, was welcomed into Israel and became an ancestor of King David — and of Jesus.

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