Feb 17, Rev. Sue Browning, “Trust: The Essence of Faith.”

What do you trust in the world? What is the bedrock of your faith? Unitarian Universalism is often explained by describing aspects of other faith traditions that were rejected. Join Rev. Sue Browning as we consider the ways we hope our faith supports us in times of question or struggle.

Feb 10, Mr. Josh Long, “Punches, Podcasts, and Process.”

The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University has a podcast called “Scene on Radio.” The past two seasons they have tackled difficult topics that our culture would typically run away from, that is, Racism and Patriarchy. While we have all this new technology to help us be more informed, why do we seemed more … Continued

Feb 3, Rev. Sue Browning, “What Does ‘Social Justice’ Look Like?”

How do you understand social justice? Many Unitarian Universaists lean toward action and create “Social Justice” to-do lists. At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll step back from our lists and explore what it means to be a “social justice” faith. Service to be followed by a Stewardship Meeting (Pledge Drive Kick-Off), after a … Continued

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