Feb 24, Cantor Gary Schiff, “I Got the Post-Pittsburgh Blues: Anti Semitism Today.”

Special music by Nevin Dawson. 

Mar 3, Rev. Sue Browning, “What Price Should Be Paid for Past Actions?”

For society to work there needs to be both accountability for wrong-doing and opportunities to change. While many of us make this journey quietly, for public figures the process is front and center in the national discourse. What is fair? What helps society change? At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we will consider the age-old tension between accountability and redemption. Special music by Susan Eddy.

Mar 10, Rev. Armand Fletcher, TBA

Mar 17, Rev. Sue Browning, “Learning from the Journey.”   

Has your life ever included a transformative journey? Was it physical travel, or maybe a lifestyle change? When on a pilgrimage we intentionally leave ordinary patterns of life with a destination in mind. At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll reflect on the ways we are changed as we move toward our destination and further changed in our return to the ordinary.

Mar 24, Gary Jackoway, Mahatma Gandhi’s Seven Deadly Social Sins. Special music by Philip Dutton.

Mar 31, Rev. John Ames, TBA