Apr 21, Earth Day Celebration led by Kim Agee of our Green Sanctuary Committee

Apr 28, Dr. Bob Clegg, “Facing Our Uncertainties.”

The biggest question at the end of Mark’s gospel is not “What happened to Jesus’ body?” but “What will happen to his inner circle — heirs to his social justice project?”  Likewise, modern UUs need to face our own uncertainties now, to ready ourselves to defend and promote restorative and distributive justice, no matter the cost.

May 5, Rev. Sue Browning, “Curiosity as a Life Practice.”

Many of us proclaim curiosity as a valued trait. Have you ever considered why? Where has curiosity taken you, of late? At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll explore the benefits and risks of leading a life guided by curiosity. The service will include our annual Flower Communion.

May 12, Rev. Greg Chute

May 19, Ms. Leiko Lewis Cornwell. Special music by Meredith Hadaway

May 26, Rev. Sue Browning. “Rituals of Respect and Memory.” Special music by Dick Durham

Loss and sacrifice come in many forms. While the gaps left by loss shift and change over time, they remain with us in some form. At this service Rev. Sue Browning will explore ways we privately and collectively hold, and shape, and reshape our memories. In honor of Memorial Day, the service will include an embracing meditation in memory of those who have died.