All of All of Us

This past week we worshiped with other UU churches across the country as a part of “Side With Love Sunday.”
The service included a powerful reflection by Laura Conkle on inclusion. Laura, who identifies as “trans and non-binary, queer, disabled, surviving poverty, first generation with access to college,” reminded us that inclusion means “all of all of us” and that hospitality means “honoring folks as their full selves.”
The phrase “all of all of us” reminds us that to live into our words of welcome, we need to fully embrace the full identity of everyone. Take a moment and re-listen to Laura’s reflection. Hear of the limitations they and their peers have encountered in Unitarian Universalist spaces. Laura challenges us to strengthen our welcome by living into a fierce love. They note: “I want us all together to build our own resistance to the many assumptions folks make about who is in the room, who is at the table, and who is in Unitarian Universalist spaces online and otherwise. I pray we cast off assumptions.”

This message is consistent with themes from the recent UUA “Widening the Circle of Concern” report (publication available online here 

This study includes a powerful claim: “Though our predominantly white congregations and organizations may see themselves as welcoming, without particular practices they continue to mirror the kinds of harms done to people of color and other marginalized groups in our larger society.”

The UUA study invites us to be intentional in our practices. Laura asks us to consider our assumptions and shares, “I wish that every event that is planned moving forward is planned with us in mind and considering what we need.” 

How do we hear the phrase “inclusion means all of all of us”? How might we make our congregations live into being more deeply inclusive? 

In reflection, 
Rev. Sue