Special Gratitude to Nancy

As we close out this year, I’d like to offer a special shout out to UUCR’s outgoing Board President Nancy Holland. 

In the Unitarian Universalist tradition, the members of the congregation are entrusted with the care for the organization. The congregation “owns” the property, and tends to the running of the institution, including oversight of finances, programs, staff, and more. Leading the members in this work is the elected board president. The board president works with the other board members, lay leaders, the minister, and staff to keep the congregation moving in the same direction. 

What that has really meant for 2021-22 is that Nancy “picked up” a tired group, a second year into a pandemic. She said “yes” to being board president in the spring of 2021 when the need for loving leadership was evident. There were some gaps in the structure, and Nancy took the risk of saying “yes.” 

Nancy has been a steady presence. From details on how to re-open the church, to leadership transitions, and to juggling the unexpected (and there have been some unexpected blips), Nancy has led with grace. She takes the time to ask questions, and find creative options. She has invited others to help with specific tasks and longer term roles. And when needed, Nancy has been decisive, always taking the time to communicate well. 

I know Nancy has offered me a smile or note of encouragement at just the right moments, often when I was a bit overwhelmed or frustrated. I’m guessing she offered that smile to many of us this past year. 

Nancy, for all you have done for UUCR in a challenging year, thank you. 

In partnership, 

Rev. Sue