October 24 “Webs of Connection” Bran Lennox, guest speaker, Amy Warner, service leader

In Person and Online

Did you know that in 2008, scientists discovered that spiders use their webs to think? From bees to trees, we are constantly discovering exciting new ways that thought, communication, and perception happen in the natural world which would have seemed alien to us a short time ago. How do we humans perceive the world through our own connections?
Bio from Bran: Bran Lennox finds the sacred in the wonders of the natural world, and the gifts that music brings to life. A queer and nonbinary minister, they seek to explore new ideas of the divine through the ever-presence of transformative change in human experience. They believe in the healing power of compassion to bring needed growth to our world’s realities around justice and equity. Bran has recently completed the process of becoming a fellowshipped UU minister and is eager to discover where their path of service will lead them next.

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