Sunday, August 22 — Summer Discussion, In Person ONLY

“Life is Not Binary”

Few choices in life are binary. There are more than two choices for most problems.

  • Harry Hart, Leader

Sunday, August 29 — Summer Discussion, In Person ONLY

“Summer Reading”

Please select a fiction or nonfiction book you’ve read that you think others might be interested in reading too, and then prepare to share a two-three minute summary of it for our summer discussion. We’ll be sending around a list for you to add the author’s name and full title of the book so that we can put it in Reflections.

  • Amy Warner, Leader

Sunday, September 4 — Summer Discussion, In Person ONLY

“Reflections on ‘Making a Difference’ “

Our Democracy is under stress these days, as our rights seem threatened, the country is divided politically, and angry actors take center stage. How can an individual (in a reliably “blue” state) respond?

Now is the time to share concerns and hopes about the challenges facing us.

  • Jane Hardy, Leader

Sunday, September 11 — Regular Session Worship Service, In Person and Zoom

“To What Tribe Do You Belong?” 

We all belong to a vast array of tribes: family, friends, political parties, nations, book clubs, tennis teams, denominations, etc. Some of these groups we choose, some we are born into; some we cherish, some we’re not so pleased with; some we acknowledge, some we are hardly aware of. Perhaps by exploring together our many tribes we can better understand how we fit in, and how they fulfill our need for belonging.

  • Rev. Greg Chute, Guest Speaker