Sunday, March 26 — In Person & ZOOM

“The Fear Factor”

Fear permeates our culture. Movies, books, video games, news broadcasts, and many of our leaders seem to peddle fear as a matter of course. Sometimes the alarm must be sounded. However, the cost of fear mongering has been the corrosion of trust. Indeed, fear has been described as the opposite of trust. In this service, Rev. Karyn Marsh will explore how we can dispel fear by building trust.

  • Rev. Karyn Marsh, Guest Speaker
  • Jan Sprinkel, Service Leader
  • Michael Casey, Musician

Sunday, April 2 — In Person & ZOOM

“Sin and Structural Evil”

When we unintentionally hurt other people, is that of the same spiritual nature as malicious harm? Is there a theological lens and relevant language for UUs to talk about “sin” and “evil”? If these terms are too loaded, can we ever hope to effectively confront the ills of our society?

  • Rev. Paul Boothby, Guest Speaker
  • Amy Warner, Service Leader
  • Michael Casey, Musician
  • Meredith Hadaway & Rebekah Hock, Guest Musicians

Sunday, April 9 — In Person & ZOOM

“What’s Next”

What is Easter all about, anyway, and what does it have to teach us about our own Unitarian Universalist faith? What can we learn from the empty tomb of 2000 years ago?

  • Rev. Kimberley Debus, Guest Speaker
  • Annie Lavin, Service Leader
  • Michael Casey, Musician
  • Nevin Dawson, Guest Musician