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Sept 29, Rev. John Wright, “I Will Not Refuse To Do the Something That I Can Do About Gun Violence.”

Unitarian Universalists are a positive people.  Our Principles focus on hope and possibility.   But hope and possibility must start from a deep realization that there is much pain and suffering in our communities.  We must feel it in our very souls.  Our hearts must break every time we hear of another gun-related death.  On average, 310 people are shot in the US every day- over 130 thousand per year!

This epidemic of gun violence will not go away by ignoring it.  The temptation to “put our heads in the sand” is great.  But it is our task, as Unitarian Universalists, to help find ways to heal the world.  And if our faith is to mean anything, we cannot – we mustnot refuse to do the something that we can do.