Reflecting on Abundance

At our Easter Service we talked about new beginnings.

We considered how possibilities unfold after loss and uncertainty. It was Easter when the disciples began asking, ‘What’s Next?’ 

We considered how we might respond to the “What’s Next?’ questions of our generation. How will we re-open our communities as the pandemic wanes? Will we have the courage to make bold changes? Will we move toward greater equity? Will we adopt more inclusive practices? What might hold us back? 
A few days after Easter, I’m still reflecting on these questions, but what is standing out more for me than the limitations is the story of the disciples going fishing that one night. Their nets came up empty. Their focus was on what was not there — the void. In the morning, Jesus, just vaguely visible from the shore, gives instructions to cast the net again. And there was an abundant catch.

It is that image of abundance that is with me midweek. Where do you sense abundance is already a part of your life? Where do you have confidence that there will be enough? Where is there already enough? 

Good questions as we pay attention to the glimpses of resurrections peeking through all around us. 

Gratitude to all who helped create our Easter Service. A special thanks to editor Dave Biehler (above and beyond for this service), to Vida and Jim for the chalice lighting, to Ellen, Ellie, the choir and special guest musicians for the music, to Liz for our Frog Prince story, and to Amy for arranging the outreach collection. To all that sustain our congregations week to week, thank you! 

Rev. Sue