Category: Past Sermons

Sunday Service, Feb 11, 10:00 a.m., Sherwin Markman, “Decency in the American Presidency: Do We Have It?  Have We Ever Had It?  Will We Have It Again?”

Sherwin Markman, right, with President Lyndon Johnson and Sec. of Defense Robert McNamara, 2/29/68, U.S. Pentagon

 Sherwin Markman, an experienced observer of the American political scene, was an assistant to President Lyndon Johnson at a time when, with the active participation of both political parties, immense … read more.

Dec 31, Dr. John Turner, “Nameste: A Blessing.” 

John explains, “‘Namaste’ is the traditional greeting all over India. Although it really doesn’t translate into English, I prefer to think of it as saying, ‘The divine within me smiles upon the divine within you.’ I believe this fits the form of a blessing and that … read more.

Nov 19, Rev. Sue Browning, “Gratitude and Grace.”

In this harvest season we take time to say thank you for the abundance around us. Join us for an intergener-ational Unitarian Universalist Bread Communion service where we’ll reflect on the grace underlying our gratitude as together we’ll set a table and share in the … read more.