Feb 16, Rev. Sue, “Facing Ups and Downs in an Ever-Changing World.” 

When faced with challenges, what if our first question was: “What is the most generous response I might offer?”? Join Rev. Sue Browning as we consider the ways Unitarian Universalists are invited to respond with an outlook of abundance, especially in the most challenging of times.

Feb 9, Rev. Greg Chute “Coping Strategies for 2020.”

Rev. Chute explains: “Sometimes it feels like things are running out of control, or at least not the way I expected. That can lead to stress, depression, anxiety, fear, and assorted other debilitating responses. Psychologists and self-styled internet gurus suggest lots of ways of coping; some valid, others not so much. Let’s explore together some of the more positive approaches to enjoying 2020.”

Feb 2, Rev. Sue Browning, “Building a More Equal and Just Community.”

This congregation compassionately takes care of one another. This congregation creatively explores a life’s issues together. This congregation carries its values beyond our doors through acts of service, witness and advocacy. This is who we are. Join us for a service with Rev. Sue Browning where we’ll consider what it takes to sustain this community that matters to so many in so many ways. The service will be followed by our Stewardship Campaign kick-off.  

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