Sunday, January 29 — ZOOM ONLY — No In Person Service

The Deeper We Go

Religious Educator Connie Goodbread says, “Faith formation is all that we do.” If faith formation is learning who you are and figuring out how you want to live, how might we imagine together a future where intentional faith formation is happening for all ages all the time? At this service with Rev. Dayna Edwards, we’ll explore the opportunities, challenges, and spiritual implications of centering faith formation in our congregations.

NOTEThis is a 5th Sunday in the month, and on 5th Sundays we hold our services on Zoom only (i.e., there is no service at the church). The service will be a chance to gather with our sibling congregation, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Easton.

  • Rev. Dayna Edwards, Guest Speaker
Bio: Rev. Dayna Edwards, who has now been with Cedar Lane for over two years, serves as the Assistant Minister for Faith Formation. Her portfolio focuses on church-wide faith formation, including programming for children, youth and adults; pastoral care for children, youth, young adults, and families; supporting our multiracial and multifaith families.

Sunday, February 05 — In Person & ZOOM

“Widening Our Path — Welcoming All”

What does it mean to be “of generous spirit?” What is it like to experience a community full of generous spirits? At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll consider the many ways UUCR is just such a community, and we’ll reflect upon the ways UUCR matters in the lives of its members and friends, and in the wider community. The service is a part of our pledge campaign kick off Sunday.  

  • Rev. Sue Browning, Minister
  • Jan Sprinkel, Service Leader
  • Michael Casey, Musician
  • Sombarkin, Guest Musicians

    Sunday, February 12 — In Person & ZOOM

    The Secret Six: A Clash of Principles on the Eve of the War of the Rebellion

    Sedition is again in the news. One hundred and sixty-three years ago, six founders of hospitals, schools, and other philanthropic institutions, all of them either Unitarians or followers of liberal religion, supported and financed John Brown’s Harpers Ferry raid, an armed rebellion against the United States. Come hear their stories and their reasons, and consider with Rev. James Gibbons Walker, Affiliate Minister of First Unitarian Church of Baltimore, questions about means and ends, morality, and the greater good.

    • Rev. James Gibbons Walker, Guest Speaker
    • Annie Lavin, Service Leader
    • Michael Casey, Musician

    Sunday, February 19 — In Person & ZOOM

    “Something Greater than Ourselves”

    Decades ago Dr. Abraham Maslow defined a hierarchy of human needs with “living into one’s full potential” being the pinnacle of human development. Did you know that later in life he amended this model adding a need we have to go beyond “the self?” At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll explore the power of looking out as well as in. 

    • Rev. Sue Browning, Minister
    • Nancy Holland, Service Leader
    • Michael Casey, Musician
    • Nevin Dawson, Guest Musician