Sunday, October 2 — In Person & ZOOM

“In the Name of Religion”

Most of us can recite litanies of harm done in the name of religion. Across faith traditions, power struggles and debates have caused violence and pain. Can we identify the good done in the name of religion? Join Rev. Sue Browning as we explore positive contributions of religious traditions in the world and celebrate the 30th anniversary of our congregation. 

  • Rev. Sue Browning, Minister
  • Amy Warner, Service Leader
  • Michael Casey, Musician

Sunday, October 9 — In Person & ZOOM

“Where Does It Hurt? Ruby Sales, Black Folk Religion, and White Folk in America”

This service will explore and celebrate the life’s work of Ruby Sales, a public theologian who has advocated for social justice since 1964. Sales’ observations about black folk religion, and her quest for a theology to address moral bankruptcy and ennui in poor White America, hold as much meaning for white people in America today as for people who have been historically oppressed.

  • Bob Clegg, Guest Speaker
  • Jan Sprinkel, Service Leader
  • Kate Bennett, Musician

Sunday, October 16 — In Person & ZOOM

“Is the Grass Always Greener?”

The Ten Commandments include the warning, “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house…” Many stories often center on a theme of jealousy. We scroll social media postings and find ourselves asking, “Am I doing as well as… ? Am I doing better than… ?” At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll reflect on alternatives to the pull of envy in our lives.

  • Rev. Sue Browning, Minister
  • Nancy Holland, Service Leader
  • Michael Casey, Musician