May 7, Mike Harris, “Envisioning Our UU Future.” 

This talk will be a timely forerunner of our Annual Meeting and potential changes in ministry and growth in our beloved community. Mike, a longtime UU, has been active and Chair of the Boards of Cedar Lane Unitarian Church in Bethesda and the Joseph Priestly District (now Central East Region). He has been a trainer for “Healthy Congregations” and now is a UUA Compensation Consultant. Mike has a long affiliation with NPR, its quality programming and insatiable

fundraising. Mike is involved in mediation and conflict resolution in Montgomery County.  Special music for this service will be performed by Shannon and Mike Buccino.

An Orientation to UUCR session (Part 1) following service.  (Part 2 will be held on Thurs,
May 11 at 1 p.m. at UUCR). If you are interested and have not signed up yet, let Diane Shields know. , or 410-490-0492; Visitors and friends who are interested in becoming members or learning more about UUism and UUCR are encouraged to attend.