November 23, 2023

“Reflecting on Generosity”

At our Intergenerational Thanksgiving Services in Easton and Chestertown this past Sunday, we invited people to pair up and connect around a few conversation prompts. Included in the mix were…

— Describe something lucky that happened to you last year and how your life improved.

— Describe a special favor you received, how it helped you, and how it touched you.

— Describe a special gift or talent you have, how you use it, and why you are grateful for it.

— Name someone you know who makes your life better and why.

— Think of something you used today that other people take for granted.

— Describe something that you do often that makes you happy and why.

Take a moment and reflect on a few of these statements. How do your responses connect with experiences of gratitude or generosity? Does anything surprise you? What other questions flow from these prompts?

We drew these questions from our Soul Matters resources, which center on the November theme of “Generosity.” They offer a chance to pay attention to generous moments that surround us. They may also bring up times we’ve experienced pain, challenge, and disappointment. Life is not all roses. Life is complex, and there are times we need the generosity of others to see us through.

Maybe one or two of the above “conversation starters” might fit as you gather with family and friends around the table this Thanksgiving weekend or might fit in during a phone or email conversation. 

Possibly these prompts could help guide a time of personal spiritual reflection in the quiet of Thanksgiving morning.

For the generous spirit of this congregation and the many ways that it is lived out each year, I am deeply grateful. 


Rev. Sue