Feb 10, Mr. Josh Long, “Punches, Podcasts, and Process.”

The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University has a podcast called “Scene on Radio.” The past two seasons they have tackled difficult topics that our culture would typically run away from, that is, Racism and Patriarchy. While we have all this new technology to help us be more informed, why do we seemed more divided than ever? Why do we argue over alternative facts and fake news? The theme of “Trust” may have some answers. These words have a gut reaction, for some of us, it feels like an assault on who we are. If we are to be a people of faith, how can we learn to trust that discomfort and challenges that will one day make us better human beings? Let’s discuss together.
Josh is Director of Music Ensembles at UU Annapolis, and will be playing for this service, which will include some of Josh’s original pieces.

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