SMALL and MIGHTY! January 2020

The twenty-first century is the century of small, strong congregations… Across the planet, the vast majority of congregations will be small and strong, and the vast majority of people will be in these congregations. -Kennon L. Callahan, Small Strong Congregations: Creating Strengths and Health for Your Congregation
Spring-boarding from the success of this workshop held by the Central East Region of UUA in the spring of 2019, CER is hosting a series of webinars this fall and winter building upon the theme “Small and Mighty!”  For far too long, small congregations such as UUCR have been either written off as a “drain on our resources”, or profiled only when they experience phenomenal growth in numbers as a “breakthrough congregation.”  
In reality, the majority of UU congregations remain small.  It’s time to celebrate our strengths and show the world what we can do to move our faith forward!  Beginning in January 2020, UUCR will hold 4 mini workshops including the webinar videos and a short discussion, roughly every other Sunday. Many of the congregations cited are only half the size of UUCR, but they have found a way to have a mighty impact in their local communities.  Stay tuned for more information.
Pat Bjorke

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