March 27th, Dr. Michael Franch, “Easter: Keeping the Story Alive.” 

hyacinthFamilies and visitors are welcome as we celebrate the joy of spring and Easter by sharing budding hyacinths and our own UU Egg Tree. Dr. Franch, Affiliate Minister, First Unitarian of Baltimore, will ask us to explore the power of the Easter story by imagining it in our minds, putting ourselves in the action, as it were. In his new novella, The Testament of Mary, Irish author Colm Tóibín gives us the story through the eyes of his mother, twenty years after the crucifixion. She reflects, as any parent might, about how she went wrong, how she couldn’t protect her son from his troublesome new companions, who are now plaguing her as they put together her son’s story in a way she views as false. Works such as this, and recent scholarship, help us think about the birth of religion, and perhaps also our role in the continuing birth of our own religion.

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