Nov 5, Rev. Sue Browning, “Trusting in Abundant Love.” Special music by Pam and Bob Ortiz

Our Universalist ancestors held that love was an unlimited resource and felt called to offer unconditional love. Rev. Gordon McKeenan describes, “Universalists believe that all of us are going to end up together in heaven, so we might as well learn how to get along with each other now.” At this service Rev. Sue Browning will draw on this rich history as we consider modern day connections between the UU faith and social action.

Special music will be performed by Pam and Bob Ortiz.

Childcare will be available during the service.

Our collection this Sunday will benefit the Kent County “Good Neighbor Fund” (see article below for more about this agency). All funds collected at this service will be sent directly to the Good Neighbor Fund, unless specified as a pledge payment.  If you would like to write a check directly to the organization, please make it payable to the Chester Valley Ministers Association and indicate Good Neighbor Fund in the memo section.  Questions? Contact Lynn Dolinger,
Sun, Nov 5, After Service — Join Us for Our Monthly “Sunday Social” Potluck Brunch/Lunch!  
Please bring a dish to share and consider bringing larger portions in case we have guests who were not aware of the potluck.  We want to invite everyone to join in!

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