Ingathering Worship Service, “Where Do You Belong?”- Rev. Gary Chute, Guest Speaker — In Person & Zoom

Join us as we mark the end of summer and return to our traditional Sunday services on September 11. Rev. Greg Chute will begin the new church year with a sermon on “belonging.”

We all belong to a vast array of groups: family, friends, political parties, nations, book clubs, tennis teams, denominations, etc. Some of these groups we choose, some we are born into, some we cherish, some we’re not so pleased with, some we acknowledge, some we are hardly aware of. Perhaps by exploring together our many groups we can better understand how we fit in, and how they fulfill our need for belonging.

  • Rev. Greg Chute, Guest Speaker
  • Annie Lavin, Service Leader
  • Kate Bennett, Musician

CLICK HERE to view the service recording posted on YouTube.

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